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Pronunciation and Meaning of Chaîne Terms

Term Meaning Pronunciation
Argentier treasurer are-john-tee-yea
Bailli bailiff, senior office-bearer bye-yee
Bailli Délégué national president bye-yee day-lay-gay
Bailliage bailiwick, region bye-yage
Blazon plaque blay-zohn
Chancelier chancellor shan-ce-liyee
Chambellan chamberlain shan-beh-lan
Chargé(e) custodian shar-jay
Chevalier knight sheh-val-yea
Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Brotherhood of the Chain of Roasters cone-frair-ee deuh lah shen day row-tea-sir
Conseiller advisor cone-say-yea
Culinaire cook coo-lee-nair
Echanson cup bearer ayh-shan-sson
Ecuyer esquire ayh-kueeh-yea
Dame lady dahm
Gastronomique gastronome gas-tron-oh-meek
Grande Chapître large international gathering grahnd sha-pea-tre
Grillardin griller gree-yar-dahn
Honoraire honorary own-oh-rare
Hôtelier hotelier oh-tell-yea
Maître master meh-treh
Mission task/duty mi-see-own
Officier officer oh-fee-see-yeah

“In the name of Conseil Magistral, I induct you (Title) of (Bailliage).