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About Us







Ian Lancaster Bailli
Mobile: +66 83 264 4590
The President of the Bailliage The Bailli is appointed and entrusted by the Bailli Delegue National with the management and organisation of the Bailliage and is accountable to that office. The Bailli is responsible for recruiting new members, organising dinners and other events. He/she is supported by a Bureau/Council whose members are chosen by the Bailli and confirmed by the Bailli Deleque.


Mike Haynes Vice-Argentier
Hong Kong +852 91972536
Thailand +66(0) 83 102 1737
The Vice-Chancelier assists the Bailli and is the Deputy. He/She is responsible for the administration of the Bailliage and, ensuring that the Bailliage complies with the Regulement Interieur and the local Addendum to that document as approved by the Bailli Delegue. He/she must inform the Bailli about ongoing activities and any problems arising.


Jean Philippe Jacopin Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique
Mobile: +66 6 4952 5888
The Vice Conseiller Gastronomique is primarily responsible for the choice of wines and also the menus in close co-operation with the Vice- Conseiller Culinaire.


Tobias Lauinger Vice Conseiller Culinaire
Mobile: +66(0) 82 819 9720
The Vice Conseiller Culinaire is the link person between the Professional members and non Professional members.The encumbant is responsible for the execution of the dinners as also arrangements for the Young Chef competition. He/she is primarily responsible for the food at dinners.


Lena Willoch Vice Chargé de Presse
Mobile: +66 80 039 3030
The Vice Chargé de Presse is primarily responsible for communications and public relations.


Oliver Constant Vice Chargé de Missions
Mobile: +66 9 7273 0840
The Vice Charge de Missions is assigned specific tasks as necessary by the Bailli.


Graham Dewe Vice Chancelier
Mobile: +66 81 8959845
The Vice Chancelier assets with administration and is assigned specific tasks as necessary by the Bailli.